Thursday, April 5, 2012

Motorcycle Haven

Motorcycles are amazing. From the early years of motorcycle use, the designs have been varied and exciting. If you look at early models of motorcycles you will see them evolving from near bicycle type designs to the dream machines of today. Do you ever dream of restoring an old motorcycle just for fun and having a piece of history to ride? I have been looking at old Motor Cycle Catalogs and dreaming of restoring one and the Harley does grab my imagination. I found some interesting Motorcycle catalogs on ebay and if you want see them click on this link below.

Click here to see Motorcycle Catalogues  featuring such classic motorcycles as the vintage Indian Motorcycles and more.Vintage Motor Cycle Catalogs

I also love the two programs featuring Motorcycles - Two Fat Ladies and Two Hairy Bikers.

This is another favourite (see above)- Heartbeat featuring a motorcycle chase. The retro vehicles &  motorcycles used in this program were excellent.